Kind Cop Melts The Heart After Helping Adorable Sheep Out Of The Heat

A good-hearted cop has rescued a sheep from the searing summer heat and let him ride in his car.

No, we're not pulling the wool over your eyes, this policeman has helped out a sheep in need.

The Bourke Police officer was conducting a search warrant when he noticed his new woolly mate.

The sheep had an injured leg and was struggling in the heat when the officer sprung into action.

Rather than letting the animal walk around in the 'unbaarable' heat, he put the sheep in his car for the safety of a bit of air-con.

It was safety first for the officer's fluffy companion too as he was safely buckled up in his seatbelt.

The officer let the cooled animal out of his car at a holding pen, but took the time for an adorable selfie first.

Feature Image Facebook/NSW Police Force

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