What The Duck! Stephen Just Became Australia's Favourite Bird Watcher

A Eurasian species of duck has somehow found itself in a sewage plant in Werribee, and Australia's most passionate birdwatcher has travelled interstate to get a glimpse.

Stephen Aveling-Rowe travelled 850 kilometres from Sydney to south-east Victoria after word the Eurasian tufted duck had been spotted.

He's joined thousands of other 'twitchers' -- what bird-watchers are called -- to spot Tuffy the duck.

Image: The Project

Appearing on The Project on Thursday, Aveling-Rower explained why this duck was getting everyone in a flap.

"It's a Eurasian species, so the top end of Eurasia that's where it is," he said.

"So from Europe to here, somehow it got its GPS pretty mixed up."

Aveling-Rowe said Tuffy possibly ended up on the wrong side of the equator because it headed south instead of north.

"But the true story, still remains a mystery."

Image: Bruce Richardson

The enthusiastic twitcher arrived at the sewage plant on Tuesday, armed with his binoculars to spot Tuffy's unmissable white feathers.

"Tuffy has an unmistakable little tuft on the back of its head. It's a black duck with a really bright white window on its wing," he said.

"If you saw it you wouldn't miss it.

"In Australia, we don't have any black and white ducks like this at all."

Image: Bruce Richardson

Aveling-Rowe hasn't spotted Tuffy yet, but he's hopeful the duck will be seen before he leaves on Sunday.

"Hopes are high and we're in the luck," he said.

Feature Image: The Project/ Bruce Richardson