World's Loneliest Frog Gets First Date In 10 Years

Romeo, the world's loneliest Sehuencas frog, has spent the past decade in isolation in a Bolivian aquarium. Now he's found his Juliet.

It was widely believed he was the last of the frog species that experienced mass extinct due to habit loss... until now.

Five Sehuencas frogs were found during an expedition in a remote Bolivian forest. Among the five were two females. One, named Juliet, will soon be Romeo's date.

The discovery has given hope both to researches for the revival of the species and also to Romeo, who now has the chance to kick-start his love life.

Romeo has been waiting a decade for find love. Image: Twitter/ Planet Green.

The five frogs were captured and experts will try to breed them and then reintroduce them back into the wild. But first Romeo and Juliet will have to go on their date.

Teresa Camacho Badani is the chief of herpetology at the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny and lead the frog-finding expedition.

She told BBC News that she's confident the pair will connect because opposites attract.

"Romeo is really calm and relaxed and doesn't move a whole lot," Camacho told BBC News.

"He's healthy and likes to eat, but he is kind of shy and slow."

Juliet, however, is energetic and also likes to eat.

Juliet was found out in the wild. Image: Twitter/Global Wildlife Conservation.

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It's been a long journey for Romeo to find a mate. He gained international attention about a year ago when he was given a dating profile to help him find love.

Dating website Match donated to the public appeal to find Romeo his Juliet and save the Sehuencas species. Part of this donation was giving him a dating profile.

Romeo's dating profile. Image: Twitter/Durrell Wildlife.

The five captured frogs are now in quarantine and are being cared for by museum staff.

For Romeo, his solitary confinement and search for love are over. All that's left for him to do is prepare for his date so he can impress his long-awaited love.

We are sure she was worth the wait.

Featured Image: Twitter/Global Wildlife Conservation/Planet Green. 

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