Hearing Impaired Baby Giggles Uncontrollably When She Hears Sister's Voice For The First Time

When Scarlet was born three months premature, her parents held grave concerns for her health.

They were unsure how their new baby would be able to communicate as she was unable to hear clearly.

But when Scarlet was fitted with her first set of hearing aids her life and the lives of her big sister and mother were changed forever.

"Baby sister. Baby sister," Scarlet's sister said shortly after the new hearing aids were fitted.

There was a short pause and then Scarlet erupted with a loud and joyful laugh.

Baby Scarlet's life and the life of her family changed forever. Image: The Uplift.

'Hey baby. Hi," Scarlet's mother Carol said as she shed tears of joy.

"Hey. You can hear me now. I know."

Both Scarlet's sister and Carol laughed and smiled as the joyful little baby bounced and giggled as she embraced her new found hearing.

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Hearing voices clearly for the first time made Scarlet laugh uncontrollably as she started to discover a whole new world of sounds.

Featured Image: Facebook/The Uplift. 

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