Monkeys Tightrope Walk On Powerlines To Stay Out Of The Snow

A group of monkeys has gone viral after their high-wire balancing act was filmed outside a home in Japan.

Twitter user 'Yokoyama' uploaded the footage from outside her parents' house of more than a dozen monkeys using the overhead wires to make their way towards a nearby forest.

The animals are seen using two sets of wires to walk their way across in steady formation, as heavy snow blankets the ground underneath.

Image: Twitter (baritone_666)

The video has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted earlier this week.

It appears the cheeky monkeys even made a local television appearance according to a follow-up post from Yokoyama.

The animals appear to be Japanese macaques who are also known as snow monkeys.

Despite living in one of the coldest places in the world, the species are known to soak in hot springs during the coldest months.

A study published last year also found their love of the hot water was also a way of destressing.

A follow-up video posted the next day shows a straggler in the group scampering over the wires, who was also adored by Yokoyama's followers.

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Featured Image: Twitter (baritone_666)