Rare Bilby Triplets Bringing New Hope For Endangered Species

Dreamworld has released the first images of rare bilby triplets who were born just three months ago, and will soon be given their names.

The adorable trio will soon be released into a secured and fenced area at Curruwinya National Park where they will be safe from predators, as part of conservation efforts to protect the species from extinction.

The new arrivals have boosted Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation's bilby population to a total of 14, and their release will form an important part of the collaboration with the Save the Bilby Fund.

The native Australian species which forms part of the bandicoot family were once spread across Australia's desert, but now occupy only about 20 percent of their former range.

Image: Supplied (Dreamworld)

Currently, the number of bilbies in Queensland is estimated to be between 600 and 700.

They are listed as endangered in Queensland and vulnerable in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, according to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

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The release program into the Currawinya National Park in the state's south-west has been running since 2001.

Dreamworld said it has also provided the pre-release health checks for nine bilbies bred at five different Zoo and Aquarium Association accredited organisations.

Image: Supplied (Dreamworld)

"An additional four bilbies bred at Dreamworld were also checked ahead of a journey to be released into the secure, fenced area at Currawinya National Park, where they will be safe from predators," it said in a statement.

The arrival of the baby triplets was celebrated alongside another bundle of joy for keepers and visitors, with 10 koala joeys venturing out of their mum's pouches about a month ago.

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Featured Image: Supplied (Dreamworld)

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