Dad Catches Every Flight To Be With His Flight-Attendant Daughter

Father of the year award.

A father whose flight-attendant daughter had to work over Christmas has taken out the unofficial father-of-the-year award, after catching every single one of her flights just to spend time with her over the festive period.

Hal and his daughter Pierce Vaughan were pictured by fellow passenger Mike Levy who shared their heart-warming story during a flight to Detroit Metro Airport.

"I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my flight back home," Levy said.

"His daughter Pierce was our flight attendant who had to work over Christmas. Hal decided he would spend the holiday with her. So, he is flying on each of her flights today and tomorrow around the country to spend time with his daughter for Christmas."

Vaughan took to social media after the flight to say her father had made it on every single one of her flights and even managed to get a first class seat from Fort Myers to Detroit.

"A special thanks to all of the patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew," Vaughan said.

The Delta Airlines flight attendant said her dad had taken four flights in one day and was expected to take two more the next.

The post has since gone viral, with many commenting on the special bond between the father and daughter.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Mike Levy)