Thousands Of Santas Seen Russian Through St Petersburg

More than three thousand people dressed as Santa Claus have descended on St Petersburg for an annual race.

According to AP participants came to the Russian city from 13 different countries to take part in the two kilometre race.

Event organiser Aydar Nuriev told AP more than 3,500 people dressed up and braved the freezing condition over the weekend.

Image: AP

"It's promotion of a healthy lifestyle and improves one's mood ahead of the New Year," Nuriev said.

"It's a way to dive into a fairytale, even for adults: just put on a Santa outfit and have a great time with your friends."

Some participants said they were returning for a second year.

Video from the event shows the massive crowd dancing and singing in the snow before the race got underway.

The event reportedly only attracted about 150 people when it first took place three years ago.

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Featured Image: AP