This Cult Instagram Account Is Forcing Companies To Make Hipster Hats

Bust out your list of 'Instagrams I Didn't Know I Needed/Wanted' and get ready to take some notes.

From sun protection to providing a nice little bowl from which to draw your office Secret Santa, hats have been working hard for us for centuries.

And now, there's a bunch of guys who are returning the favour.

'Australia's Best Hats' is an Instagram account that does exactly what it promises.

"We travel far and wide to bring you the best hats this great country has to offer," the account's bio reads.

"We’re Australia’s leading and most respected hat club."

It's pretty fancy talk to describe what's essentially the brainchild of five Aussie mates, spread across NSW from Canberra to Sydney to Newcastle, calling on followers to send in snaps of their best branded caps.

"We've been collecting hats for a while," Dominic, one of the account's editors, told 10 daily.

"We just put them on Instagram and they sort of blew up pretty quickly."

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Now with just over 9000 followers, the boys have turned their attention to not just finding the best hats around, but bringing new ones into the world.

"It's evolved into pressuring organisations and brands to up their hat game," Dominic said.

Consider it the renaissance of corduroy.

First it was Bundy Rum, who after an online poll and mounting pressure to make a classic corduroy cap, caved and recently finished designing a “super limited run of primo corduroy caps”. Then it was Victoria Bitter.

"We ended up partnering with VB and did this thing called the Hat Olympics," Dominic recalled, referring to the five-round competition in which followers submitted their best hat in different categories.

After the votes were tallied, the winners of best hats from the categories of rugby league, places, sports, food and beverages, and classic Aussie brands, took home a specially-made VB cap.

Dominic said Lowe’s have also delivered the goods with 1000 limited edition branded caps soon to be revealed, while mint brand Fisherman's Friend finally responded to the call of literally hundreds of people in what can only be described as a cap campaign.

'Grassroots movement' may be a bit of an overstatement, but the results speak for themselves.

The obvious question might be, why the focus on corduroy?

"It's just a good texture, it looks good, and there's a bit of nostalgia value from having hats when you were kids," Dominic reasoned.

"And they just seem to be better quality hats."

Dominic and his group, which also includes his brother, are the page's unofficial owners.

But according to the canon of the site, it's run by an un-named 60-something-year-old Dad, travelling the country with his sons, "getting in fights with celebrities and going on silly adventures".

The result is essay-like, life lesson packed captions from a man that's really seen some things on his travels.

It's enough to tip your hat at.

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