Federal Police Recreate 'Love Actually' In Special Christmas Message Gag

"We feel it in our fingers, We feel it in our toes, Christmas is all around us, Here's some love from the Po-Po."

The AFP have released a festive reminder that they love us and wish us a Merry Christmas, but -- unsurprisingly -- aren't too thrilled about the crime still being committed.

In a video posted to their Facebook page, our federal law enforcers took a page (or 21) out of Love Actually's book -- a Christmas flick for the ages or the past, depending on how you feel on the matter.

In their homage to the classic Christmas movie, the AFP look a moment to look back on all the reasons they love us, including Nathan Lyon's wicket-taking abilities, Daryl Braithwaite's unofficial anthem The Horses, and  Bunnings snags with the onion sitting safely under the sausage.

Sitting at the top of their naughty list however were child exploiters, drug traffickers and organised crime members.

Which makes sense.

"We are committed to keeping you safe from all these things," one of the final cards read.

"Because for you Australia, it's worth it."

The video has been viewed more than 400,000 times since it was posted on Wednesday, and for the most part, people in the comments are loving the idea.

But a few -- and by a few we mean many -- commenters were quick to notice the neighbourhood cop appeared to have left behind his numerous cardboard signs, which is just plain old littering.

It took them a few hours, but on Thursday morning there was a response to the outcry.

"While littering is not a commonwealth offence it is not on (it is a state offence)" a comment from the AFP on the video said.

"For this reason, we have decided to release some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage - that was definitely not filmed this morning as a result of a barrage of "witty" comments..."

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In the accompanying video, an officer promptly throws the cards in a bin.

AFP Takes The Message And Throws Sign Away To Avoid Litter Fine

So that solves that, I guess.

Police media offices, both state and federal alike, have really made a name for themselves in recent years, often tapping into popular culture to share safety messages in a more humorous, digestible way.

NSW Police really entered the market early, with its self-professed 'Meme Team' creating posts which are shared thousands of times of over.