Legend Vet Dresses As Giant Mouse To Examine Nervous Dog

Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear onesies and crocs.

Talk about excelling in your field.

A U.K. vet has gone above and beyond in treating a very special patient Orthopaedic Specialist Mike Farrell from Davies Veterinary Specialists was warned about the Rupert the dalmatian -- who suffers from anxiety-related problems -- and his aggression towards strangers.

Rupert needed surgery earlier this month after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems.

Supplied. (Davies Veterinary Specialists)

The dog had been on painkillers for more than a year and was very protective of his legs, becoming aggressive if vets tried to touch them.

“I was really worried about him going into hospital and thought he might benefit from having the scent and sense of me with him,” his owner Sonya Schiff said, adding that her beloved pooch had separation anxiety.

“I thought the mouse romper suit, which I often wear at home to relax in would make a reassuring bed for him in the kennels.”

The Davies vets broke their rule of not admitting bedding from home considering the circumstances -- but Farrell went one step further, donning the outfit after Rupert growled at him when the vet tried examining him in his usual clothes.

The result speaks for itself. With pink crocs and matching cones to boot, the pair have made quite the impression.

Image: Supplied. (Davies Veterinary Specialists)

“His owner was worried about his aggression towards strangers and how he would respond to being in hospital," Farrell said in a statement.

"Normally we don’t admit bedding from home but in this instance, we thought it had the potential to help Rupert a lot.”

The effect was almost immediate, Rupert was safely examined and underwent successful surgery to treat a cruciate ligament rupture.

Farrell has now been dubbed "Super Mike" by Rupert's thrilled owner.

Supplied. (Davies Veterinary Specialists)

“This just shows what creative vets can achieve,” Schiff  said

"The loveliest part of this for me was the daily updates from Mike on email with photos attached."

Featured Image: Supplied. (Davies Veterinary Specialists)

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