WATCH: The Best Viral Moments Of 2018

We've all seen them -- those fleeting moments or random crazes that made us laugh or cry (or both), and proceeded to break the internet. 

2018 was full of them, and we've rounded them up for you.

You're absolutely welcome.

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Perhaps the greatest 11 seconds to grace the internet this year was the moment a baby (safely) rolled down a hill.

It unfolded rather quickly at a rugby match in Tamworth when the baby -- within reach of a woman who we can only assume is its mother -- lost balance and began to tumble.

Realising what had just transpired, the mum jumps up and -- after a slip of her own -- safely steps in. Phew.

Image: Fox Sport/ Facebook/ Cook Island Men's 7's

2018 was a year of many viral crazes, including people jumping out of moving cars to the sweet sounds of Drake. An 'In My Feelings' dance by comedian Shiggy prompted the #Kekechallenge that soon took on a life of its own....

Speaking of internet sensations, remember the time we started debating whether a male voice was saying "Yanny" or "Laurel"?

The video was posted to Reddit three days ago before it was then picked up on Twitter where it started another epidemic like BuzzFeed's ridiculously viral "What colours are this dress?"

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Unsurprisingly, a lot of viral moments also starred our furry friends.

There was the moment a magpie interrupted a weather broadcast in the US, or when a turkey was caught on camera chasing a boy down the street as he walked home from school.

And for something completely different (though not entirely rare) , 2018 brought us wild footage of a seal using an octopus to slap a kayaker in the face.

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And then there were the kids. Our favourites?

While we're unsure where we stand on letting a toddler try wasabi for the first time, the 11-year-old boy filmed yodelling in a Walmart supermarket in Illnois takes the cake.

It's really the most wonderful time of the year! Scroll up to watch the full video for more.