Guide Dog Collects Half A Million Frequent Flyer Points In Six Years

Guide Dog Brogan has clocked a staggering half a million frequent flyer points in just six years, taking 356 flights with handler James Bennett.

There's just one thing Bennett always packs for this high-flying pooch.

"We have raw-hide strips for taking off and landing because chewing can help compensate for pressure in the ears," he said.

Brogan guides his blind 71-year-old handler through airport check in about 75 times a year, before the pair take off for destinations around Australia.

Brogan, pictured here with handler James Bennett and 10 News First senior reporter Ali Donaldson, seems to be enjoying his half a million points (Image Supplied)

During most of the flight the dog naps on the floor in front of the seat.

He takes his bathroom breaks BEFORE he flies.

"He just sits placidly, but he might get a bit interested when the food trolley comes around, but he knows he's not allowed," his handler laughed.

Brogan is, after all, a food loving Labrador.

Just like us, even puppies need to stretch their legs on long haul flights and that's when Brogan is released from his harness and a lucky air steward gets to walk him up and down the aisle, much to the delight of other passengers.

The lucky pooch could fly business class to London and back. (Image AAP)

"There seems to be a lot of click, click, clicking sounds when he's walking the aisles," Mr Bennett said, referring to other passengers taking some tail wagging happy snaps.

For 71-year-old James, who lost his sight a decade ago, the partnership has been life changing, enabling him to travel around the country for work.

Dale Cleaver, CEO of Guide Dogs NSW said these very special working dogs delivered their handlers the independence and freedom a lot of people take for granted.

Brogan is averaging around 59 flights per year as a guide dog (Image AAP)

"It also gives them connection with community and it makes the difference in terms of the quality of their life," Mr Cleaver said.

When 10 News First joined the pair on board a Qantas plane at Sydney Airport this week, Brogan was the first guide dog presented with a Qantas frequent flyer badge.

Number K9 of course.

And who could blame him for finding it particularly tasty.

He's earned enough points to fly from Australia to London... business class.

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