A Little Boy's Treasured Toys Were Destroyed And The World Responded

After Tanya Ramsey Renfro posted on Facebook about her "new hero" whose treasured toy collection was destroyed, the community began rallying around their family.

Four-year-old Riley Wooten's Christmas stocking will be filling up early this year, after his great Aunt shared his brave story which has sparked a wave of support from people online.

Riley and his grandmother are now living with their relatives after losing their home and all of their possessions in the deadly camp fire blaze in California, which has devastated the local community.

Sharing the pair's story on social media, Ronfero said Riley was forced to leave behind his treasured toy collection including his beloved dinosaurs after fleeing the flames with his grandma.

"He lives and breathes dinos he keeps asking if they burned up," Renfro said in a Facebook post last month, which has since been shared dozens of times.

She said the four-year-old was being  a "good brave guy through all this", adding that he had remained calm throughout their terrifying ordeal.

"He kept saying 'it's ok grandma'".

Her post drew an immediate reaction with friends and even strangers immediately offering to send dinosaur toys, movies and other gifts to the youngster.

Renfro told the Washington Post that within days the family had begun receiving boxes of gifts, and that, of course, Riley was loving them.

A video posted on Renfro's Facebook page last week showed Riley excitedly playing with his new toys

"Thanks everybody I love my dinosaurs," Riley said to the camera.

According to the Post, Riley has been raised by his grandmother and extended family since he was just a few weeks old.

His parents reportedly could not care for him and wanted Riley to be raised in a stable home.

His aunt said Riley also decided to give some of the toys he received to a local shelter for other kids in need.

The Camp Fire blaze which burned for two weeks in Northern California killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes last month.

It's the state's deadliest wildfire in over a century, killing 85 people with hundreds still unaccounted for.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Tanya Ramsey Renfro)