How This Cheeky Cat Walked Straight Into 10 Downing Street (With A Little Help)

This little feline seems right at home in England's most exclusive street.

Pottering around on the pavement, the cat swanned up to the looming, highly polished door with the shiny 10 on it.

But there was a problem.

The door was closed.

The little cat st didn't appear concerned as it stepped slowly onto the doorstep where it sat and waited.

Clearly called by duty, or by a love of cats, a nearby police officer abandoned her post outside number 10 for just a minute to help the animal.

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She knocked on the black surface, the door promptly opened and the cat disappeared swiftly inside.

It seems the cats of Downing Street get the very best treatment without the stress of running a nation.

Seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Featured Image: Reuters. 

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