Cat Clings To Firefighter After He Rescues It From California Fire

Ryan Coleman was helping to battle the California blaze when he found his new furry friend.

The news out of California over the last few weeks have been heartbreaking, with entire towns levelled by the bushfires, hundreds of people missing and tens of thousands of people displaced.

In amongst the blaze, however, there is some very happy news for one lucky cat.

Enter Ryan Coleman.

Ryan is a firefighter in California who helped battle the blaze in Paradise and surrounding areas that levelled the town and destroyed almost 10,000 homes.

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In a post that's gone viral on Facebook, Ryan posted pictures of himself and his new mate, surrounded by burnt trees and smoke.

According to Ryan's Facebook page, the cat just "chilled on [his] neck and shoulders" as he walked around.

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People on Twitter and Facebook have been very quick to praise Ryan for his hard work:

Ryan is still out battling the blaze and the cat is no longer with him.

Feature Image: Facebook | Ryan Coleman