Fisherman Rescues 18-Month-Old Found Floating In The Ocean

A fisherman in New Zealand has saved the life of a child who was floating face-down in the ocean. 

Gus Hutt was enjoying a camping holiday on Matata Beach on New Zealand's North Island when he noticed a small figure floating in the water.

Initially, Hutt thought it was a discarded doll, but when the object let out a noise, he realised it was a little boy and that the infant was alive.

"His face looked just like porcelain with his short hair wetted down, but then he let out a little squeak and I thought, 'oh God, this is a baby and it's alive'," Hutt told the New Zealand Herald.

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Hutt was heading out fishing on the morning of October 26 and instead of heading to his normal fish spot, he decided to try somewhere different and headed 100 metres up the beach. Hutt said if he didn't make the last minute change, he would never have seen the boy.

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"He was floating at a steady pace... if I had been just a minute later, I wouldn't have seen him," Mr Hutt said.

"He was bloody lucky, but he just wasn't meant to go, it wasn't his time."

Hutt's wife Sue informed camp staff of her husband's discovery and emergency services were also alerted.

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Camp staff knew there was just one family staying with a small child in the compound. Wrapped in towels and in good health, the Hutts returned the little boy to his parents who were relieved their child had been found safe.

Apparently, the boy escaped from his parents tent by simply unzipping the front flap. He then headed out to explore the beach.

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