Get Paid Over $138 An Hour To Pat Puppies

Seriously, quit your day job. This is not a drill.

Fancy yourself an expert puppy patter?

Well, this is the job for you!

US dog park company MUTTS is looking for their first ever Puptern, who's job will be to pat dogs ... for a WHOPPING $138 (AU) an hour.

But there is a slight catch, especially for those of us interested from over here in Australia.

Get paid a whopping $138 an hour to play with puppies. Image: Getty Images.

First of all, the job is based in the US, so you'd have to make an international move.

The second catch is that the Puptern will be based at MUTTS' ambiguous "new location".

So, you'd have to move to the US and you won't know exactly where.

BUT when you consider the possibility of spending your entire working day patting and playing with cute and cuddly canines, it really does sounds tempting.

Would you move to the US for this little face? Image: Getty Images.

Find details about how to apply for the best job ever here.

Seriously guys, there's never been a better excuse to quit your day job and follow you doggo dreams!

Featured Image: Getty Images. 

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