Gay Penguins Welcome Baby Chick Into The World

Penguins Sphen and Magic went viral a few weeks ago when it was revealed they'd been building a nest of pebbles in the lead up to breeding season.

The two lovebirds have now welcomed their fostered baby chick into the world.

"Baby Sphengic", as he's been named by the Penguin Department at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, was born on Friday October 19, weighing just 91 grams. In about two months we'll find out if the chick is a boy or a girl, but for now, just look how cute it is!!!!!

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Sphen and Magic took to parenting like a duck penguin to water when they were given a dummy egg to incubate by Sea Life Sydney staff, proving that they were ready for fatherhood.

The couple was then given a real egg to foster from another penguin couple who laid two eggs -- Gentoo penguins usually only have the resources to care for one egg, so often the second chick dies -- and they are now co-parenting like absolute pros.

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Being the cutest thing we've ever seen isn't the only thing this chick has achieved though, Baby Sphengic is the attraction's "first sub-Antarctic penguin chick" since the colony first joined the family at the Aquarium in 2016 and will be a brilliant ambassador for its species, helping to educate the public about how precious they are and the plight they face in the wild.

Featured Image: Sea Life Sydney Aquarium