Three-Year-Old Girl Reunited With 'Ladybug' Thanks To The Kindness Of Strangers

A young girl who dropped her favourite cuddly toy into Sydney Harbour was reunited with her companion, thanks to the generosity of strangers.

The three-year-old girl was sobbing after she dropped her ladybug toy into the harbour, and begging her mum to rescue it.

Kristy and her young daughter. Photo: Facebook.

"I thought the situation was hopeless and her heart would break," her mum, Kristy Sydenham, wrote on Facebook.

The ladybug started to drift towards the Opera House and a jetty belonging to tour operator Oz Jet Boating.

"It was a long shot, but I asked one of the staff members if I could go down on their jetty to catch the toy if it got close enough," she said.

The Oz Jet Boat jetty where the young girl's ladybug was floating to. Photo: Facebook.

Oz Jet Boating staff told ten daily that people drop stuff in the harbour all the time.

"Wherever we can, we help them out," said General Manager Matt Hilder.

He said they don't like to have people hanging off the side of the wharf, and that they'd rather get their more experienced staff on the job of rescuing lost items.

One of the staffers, Amy, got out a bucket and rope to try and snag the ladybug if it got close enough.

"It was going to be a long wait with no guarantee of success. And the tears kept falling."

Moved by the distress of the young child, Amy and one of the captains, Nick, grabbed a boat and set out on a rescue mission.

Amy and Nick on their rescue mission. Photo: Facebook.

"That gorgeous pair of individuals took that boat up the harbour just to rescue a little ladybug!" said Sydenham.

"And save her they did!

"My daughter waited at the top of the jetty while they even washed her little friend off in fresh water and the smiles when they were reunited were priceless."

Hilder told ten daily that the young girl was "over the moon" after getting her ladybird back.

And Sydenham said that her daughter learnt a lesson in the kindness of strangers.

"Today my daughter could have learnt a hard life lesson but instead she learned the beautiful truth that there are people out there who will help someone for no personal gain at all."

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Lead photo: Kristy Sydenham / Facebook