Miraculous Animal Rescues Caught On Camera

If these animal rescues don't put a smile on your face, we aren't sure what will!

Pony Rescue
Image: AP

Houston Firefighters got a little more than they bargained for when they had to rescue a pony who had fallen into a drain.

Using some heavy duty equipment and manpower, the group of heroes managed to bring the pony to the surface.

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After a few pets and some water, the pony managed to get up on his feet and seemed happy to go for a slow walk, no doubt enjoying being able to stretch his legs again.

(Vision: AP)

Squirrel CPR
Image: AP

Officers in Minnesota couldn't believe what they saw when they found a good samaritan giving CPR to a tiny squirrel on the side of the road.

Police cameras captured the delicate procedure, where Chris was desperately trying to save the animal he had hit with his car by gently rubbing the squirrels tummy.

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After a few moments, the amateur animal resuscitation seemed to work, much to the delight of the Chris and the officers. Meanwhile the squirrel scampered off back into the woods to live another day!

(Vision: AP)

This Pup is stuck
Image: Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department

Nobody knows how this pupper got into the ceiling but the firefighters from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department knew how to get him down.

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With a little home renovation and some gentle coaxing from firefighter Mark Williams, the scared little dog jumped straight into the hands of his parents.

A paw-sitive outcome for all!

(Vision: Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Facebook)