Disabled Pets Get New Lease On Life Thanks To Rubbish And Imagination

If it wasn't for this resourceful pet lover, most of these animals wouldn't have made it.

Jazmin Arevalos is a Parguayan artist and animal lover giving disabled pets a new lease on life by using recycled materials.

With her love of rustic design Arevalos created the wheelchairs for cats and dogs who would have otherwise been left to die in shelters or suffer in pain.

Arevalos focused on tailoring the contraptions to each animal's individual needs and size.

Paris is one of the 16 dogs who lives at the shelter. Image: AP

The artist has already made over 100 wheelchairs for dogs and cats in need, as well as making a set of wheels for a pet pig.

When she isn't tinkering with tools, Arevalos runs a foundation called Rescaes which translates to Rescued with Special Needs.

Thanks to an old skateboard and some pipes, Dante can now play with the rest of the pups. Image: AP

The 45-year-old currently cares for 16 canines at the shelter located on the outskirts of Paraguay capitol Asuncion and is funded purely by donations.