Soccer Match Pawsed After Bitch Invasion

A stray dog has stolen the limelight at a football match in Gori in eastern Georgia. 

Players and fans stood to watch the furry fan run playfully around the field during a National League Football match between Dila and Tropedo Kutaisi.

Darting and dodging around the players, it still remains unclear why the doggo wanted to get involved in the match.

Some players seemed keen to pat the hound rather than play the game, with one goalie even stopping to rub its belly and helping the dog perform tricks.  

Players and ground security staff tried to coax the dog off the field, but without much luck.

Two men even picked the dog up by its legs in an attempt to move it, but it managed to wriggle itself free from their grasp and keep running.

The dog spent a total of three minutes on the field until Torpedo Kutaisi player David Khurtsilava managed to coax the doggo over the sideline.

We're not sure who won the match but the score was no doubt canine - nil.

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