A Gecko Was Caught Green-Handed Prank Calling 'A Bazillion' People In Hawaii

Yes, you read that correctly.

A gecko has taken the phrase "persistent telemarketer" to wild new levels, apparently calling dozens of unsuspecting Hawaiians incessantly from a Marine Mammal Hospital phone over the weekend.

The hospital's director Dr Claire Simeone detailed the entire ordeal on a Twitter thread which has since gone viral.

Simeone said she started getting calls to the hospital while she was out for lunch, but would be greeted only by silence when she picked up.

After receiving another nine silent calls within the next 15 minutes, Simeone said she began to panic and drove back to the hospital only to discover the call was coming from inside the building.

No one in the office knew who it was.

While Simeone got in touch with their service operator, several people apparently started calling in asking why they were receiving "incessant" calls from their number.

The representative from Hawaiian Telcom told Simeone that the issue could be with one of their phones or their software.

"He confirms that, yes, a bazillion calls are coming from one line," Simeone said.

It was while she was trying to find the faulty phone that she stumbled upon the unbelievable culprit.

"There is a gecko sitting on the touchscreen of the phone, making calls with his tiny gecko feet," Simeone said.

"This gecko has called me 15 times, and everyone in our recent call list."

Simeone said she offered an apology to Hawaiian Telcom who confirmed it was a first for them as well.

The hospital suggested any gecko looking to take on administrative role at the hospital would need to complete mandatory volunteer training first, but Simeone said he was hired on the spot. 

Featured Image: Twitter @Claire_Simeone