12 Adorable Cub Pandas Make Their Public Debut

Rolling over and crawling, a dozen giant panda cubs met the public for the first time on Friday. 

Thirteen cubs were born this year at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. One is currently in Japan, while the other dozen remain in China.

But having one less Panda on display didn't mean they were any less cute. The chubby little fur balls captured the hearts of visitors as soon as they met them.

The pandas captured the hearts of the tourists. Image: Reuters.

"We just saw four cubs. They are really cute, but they didn't move too much," Wu Tuanyi, a tourist from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in south-central China told Reuters.

Staff at the breeding facility were thrilled that the cubs were born healthy.

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"We weigh the cubs everyday and every few days we check their body fat and temperature. If their mothers don't have enough milk, we will prepare milk for them," said Chen Bo, a giant panda keeper told Reuters.

The cubs body fat and temperature is checked everyday. Image: Reuters

The birth of panda babies is also particularly exciting because they are classified as a vulnerable species.

According to National Geographic, the species trend is increasing, so more panda births will contribute to growing numbers of this adorable animal .

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