The Groomer Turning Pups Into Glamour Models


Based in Japan, groomer Yoriko Hamachiyo works out of her salon Yorikokoro and primps and preens these pups until they look like perfection.

She has mastered being able to turn her teacup poodle Goma into an actual fluffball and it is beyond adorable!

Here is Yoriko's handiwork from the side, just in case you were wondering if they do just look like a ball from every angle: (spoiler, yes.)

Yoriko's skills don't end there though, mainly working with small dogs, she transforms her clients into works of art and isn't afraid to accessorise to really make that hair pop:

I mean, come on, how sassy is this side part?!

This dog's hair could make an appearance at the Met Gala.

Yoriko has also given the world these gems and we are so grateful for them:

This is one hell of a glow up. Image: @yorikokoro/Instagram
Tell this dog its hair looks amazing pushed back. Image: @yorikokoro/Instagram
Look how FLUFFY. Image: @yorikokoro/Instagram