To The Faceless Bathroom Hero, Thank You

It's happened to most women.

You go to the bathroom and without warning, your period has started. Even though you know it's clever to carry an extra pad or tampon, you're unprepared.

That's exactly what happened to one lady in an airport bathroom on Friday. She was shocked when she got her period because she has a birth control implant called Nexplanon so she hadn't had her period in a year.

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But of course, at the most inconvenient moment, there she was.

She wrote about her experience on Reddit.

"My period started. It was unexpected. I didn’t pack and tampons because it’s a quick trip and I haven’t had a period in a year-- thanks Nexplanon," the woman wrote.

She sat there, panicking. Image: Getty Images.

"But then it happened. And I sat in the bathroom, panicking. Do I shove toilet paper in my panties? And then there were feet in the stall next to me.

“'Hey -- I know this is weird, but do you have a tampon?'

"You didn't.

"But you did leave the bathroom, find a quarter, come back, buy me a tampon, and pass it under the stall.

"I never saw your face but you’re my hero today.

"This small act of kindness is part of why I love being a woman."

Such a simple act saved this woman's day and her trip. So get out there and be kind, ladies AND gents!

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