This Cat Shelter Volunteer Is Too Pure For This World

Let's all be a little bit more like Terry.

There are plenty of dream jobs we'd love to have: official chocolate taster, professional bed tester, Harry Styles' personal hair tousler... the list goes on, but one we are definitely adding to the list is Terry's job.

Terry is a volunteer at the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin, US, and originally started working with the team because he said he'd "like to brush cats".

According to a post on their Facebook page, Terry eventually just started coming in to help every day and now he can "tell you the likes and dislikes" of every cat in the centre.

What your heart is not even closed to prepared for though, is that most days, Terry falls asleep on the couches with the kitties.

Image: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc.

I mean...

Image: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc.

WE DON'T DESERVE TERRY. But those cats sure as hell do.

Image: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc.