University Cleaner Has Five-Star Holiday After Students Raise $2,700

A university cleaner has traveled to his home country of Jamaica for the first time in four years, after students raised money for his trip.

Herman Gordon, a beloved cleaner at the University Of Bristol in the UK, celebrated his 23rd wedding anniversary with his wife at a five-star resort at the Caribbean island nation, before travelling to see family.

Students raised £1,500 ($AU 2,700) for the trip, after a post about him in a the Bristruths Facebook page -- an anonymous university 'confessions' page -- touched hearts.

"The Jamaican cleaner in the med library is the jolliest man I have ever met," said the original poster on May 19.

"He makes me smile even when I'm in the deepest depths of revision or trying to be, if you wanna (sic) reason to smile go talk to him for a min or two."

The Facebook post that started it all. Screenshot via BBC.

The next day, another person suggested starting a GoFundMe page for Gordon so he could see if his family. Within five days, they'd raised almost £1,000 ($AU 1800), and it wasn't long before they'd reached the goal.

Footage of Gordon opening the envelope with a letter thanking him for "all the positive energy you have given to us throughout the years" along with the cash went viral.

The letter Bristol University students wrote. Photo: Bristruths Facebook.
Herman opening his envelope. "God bless every one of you." Photo: Bristruths.

On Wednesday this week, the Bristruths Facebook page shared a photo from Gordon and his wife Denise at a five-star luxury resort, where they celebrated their wedding anniversary before traveling to visit family.

"God bless you all," the post quoted Gordon as saying. "Everybody will see this and think that I'm a trillionaire."

Denise added: "I just wanted to say thank you to all the University of Bristol students for this gift that they have given to me and Herman."

Herman and Denise share a kiss. Photo: Bristruths / Facebook.

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Photo: Bristruths Facebook