There's An Instagram Completely Dedicated To People Narrowly Missing Trains And Busses

Missed ya bus? There's two blokes in Bondi who hope you did.

We've all done it, run full speed at the closing doors of a train only to get there just a little bit too late -- left awkwardly on the platform to walk it off like absolutely nothing happened.

I didn't miss the train, the train missed me.

With this in mind, it's sure to come as no surprise almost 70,000 people are following an Instagram dedicated completely to documenting this precise moment.

The account, Missed Ya Bus, sprung up from humble beginnings as a joke between two Sydney friends and seems to have filled a niche hole in the social media market no one knew was there.

Matt and Nick, the two Bondi locals who run the account, started filming people missing their rides two years ago.

"We usually go into work on a Monday pretty down in the dumps like everyone else and to brighten our day we used to send them to each other," Matt, told ten daily.

"Initially we among ourselves thought it was really funny and we got a kick out of watching other peoples' mild misfortune, but the more people followed the more we realised that everyone actually likes to see an epic fail."

People began sending in their own footage to the pair shortly after they started the page and from there it snowballed.

"The reason why it's so funny is because its so trivial and everyone's been there, everyone's been in the situation where they've either run for their train or bus and they've missed it," Matt said.

"Alternatively they've been on that train or bus and have seen someone running for it and they're praying to God that they miss it because there's nothing better than having a front row seat to the show."

Nick said submissions are coming in from all over the place, from France to Israel.

"We're huge in London," Matt added.

Huge maybe but humble -- questionably so.

"We've been referred to as innovators, social media influencers, artists," Matt listed through a laugh.

"But to be honest we're just a couple of punters who like to have a giggle at other people's expense."

Same Matt, same.

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