Adopted Son Searches For His Parents And Reignites Their Love Affair

Martin Schmidt reunited his birth parents 36 years after separation -- now they are married.

A man who set out to find his birth parents ended up playing matchmaker. Martin Schmidt knew he was adopted, but it wasn't until he found out he was going to be a father that he decided to seek out his birth parents. The next four years unfolded like a movie.

Schmidt, 36, was a newborn when he was adopted. His birth mother, Michele Newman, was just 16 years old when she found out she was pregnant, several months after she and her high school boyfriend, Dave Lindgren, broke up.

"I struggled with this decision," Newman told CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers, "but I just prayed… adoption was the best choice." She said she "never" stopped thinking about the child.

Newman and Lindgren went their separate ways after Schmidt's adoption. Newman moved to Hawaii. Lindgren stayed in Wisconsin and had several children and step-children. In 2014, when Schmidt had a baby of his own on the way, he got in contact with his birth mom. She, in turn, reached out to high school boyrfiend.

Martin embraces his birth mother. IMAGE: CBS

"We talked until 2 o'clock that morning," Lindgren recounted of Newman's call. "So we were on the phone probably three hours and it just felt natural like we just picked up from 17, 18 years old again. … And then later in the month… she's like, 'Well, why don't you come out to Hawaii.'"

Their connection was renewed and the chemistry was instant.

"When I got off the plane in Hawaii and walked down that airport stairs… I could just see that – I felt it," Lindgren said.

"I saw him and I saw his smile and I said, 'Oh, I remember that, I know this guy,'" Newman said.

Michele Newman and Dave Lindgren tied the knot 36 years after breaking up. IMAGE: CBS

That trip led to dating, and eventually Lindgren  moved back to Wisconsin. The couple's relationship with each other, and their biological son, blossomed.

"He's a great man," Newman said of her son. "To watch him with his kids… he just connects with them, pays attention to them, sees them. His parents did a great job."

"I couldn't ask for anything better to find," Lindgren said.

In early August, Lindgren and Newman tied the knot and  their son officiated.

"You two have found each other, and fallen in love. After finding me," Schmidt said, as the guests laughed.

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The journey to get there – an altar under a tent in rural Wisconsin – was a journey of heartbreak, pain, but most of all, love.

"I think the reason that this is working out so well is that these are really good people," Schmidt told CBS News.

"What have you learned from just this entire process of rediscovery?" Duthiers asked.

"Miracles do happen," Lindgren said.

"For me, it's just never give up hope. Dreams can come true. There's a lot of love out there in the world," Newman said.

Schmidt told us the acceptance and support from his adoptive parents and sister made all the difference in reconnecting with his birth parents. His adoptive and birth parents are both involved in the lives of his children.