Heartwarming Moment Man With Down Syndrome Is Reunited With His 88-Year-Old Father

It was the first time they had spent time apart in 25 years.

Matt Cobrink travelled across America on a trip of a lifetime, but there was a drawback.

The 53-year-old flew to New York from his home in California where he lives with his father to meet his favourite baseball player but the trip meant that Matt would be away from his dad for nearly a week.

It was the longest time he'd spent away from his dad in the years since his mother died.

Matt's family knew he would really miss his dad, and his reaction when they were reunited is testament to that.

Matt and his dad are the best of friends. Image: Facebook

Matt can be seen racing down the escalator and around the corner towards his father. He meets his dad and forces him backwards with an almighty hug. He then smothers his father in kisses.

It's just like something out of Love Actually. The moment this father and son reunite after a nearly a week apart has everything the final scene of the film does -- happiness, hugs and a whole lot of love.

"Homecoming doesn’t get better than this. I think my brother missed my father after 5 days in NYC with my sister.," Marcy Matt's sister wrote along side the Facebook video which has been watched over 20 million times.

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The post also attracted over 22,000 comments from all over the world. People have commented noting the love in the clearly close relationship the father and son share.

The video is a reminder that love brings people together, no matter the circumstances.

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