Purrize Winning: Pedigree Cats Put Their Best Paws Forward

Calling all crazy cat lovers, brace yourself for the news you’re about to read.

If ever there was a field day for a cat lover, then this was it. In Sydney’s west on Sunday, cat fiends across the nation put their best paws forward at a show of Australia’s most sophisticated pedigree felines.

The Sophisticatz Show at Club Central Menai - a six-ring, all-breeds championship for premier cats today saw some of the nation’s classiest kitties on show. All paws of life made their debut – from burmese kittens to lilac orientals, you name it, the rarest and fairest kitties were there.

But the day wasn’t just about meowing eye-candy, it was also an opportunity for cat enthusiasts to share their mutual adoration and knowledge of our four legged friends, says Brian Edwards, President of ANCATS.

"ANCATS shows are a place for those interested in the cat fancy to gather and share their knowledge and enjoy the company of like-minded people,” he said.

Let's face it, you're just here for the cute pictures.

Six Australian and international feline judges, including from the United States and New Zealand, judged the showcase of pedigree cats  - from sphynx to maine coon, to persians and siamese.

"This is a very exciting show featuring distinguished judges and award-winning pedigree cats!" said Edwards.

The day was also an opportunity for aspiring cat owners to scope out more information on the critters – to see which breed was most suitable for them.

A lilac oriental kitten.

"If you're thinking of acquiring a cat, the Sophistikaz Show is the ideal place to learn about cat breeds - including their various hair lengths and different personalities - and make an informed decision,” he said.

Sylvania Veterinary Hospital Director Dr Michelle Sutherland was also there to answer questions about pet adoption and preventative health.

"The part of my job I love most is connecting with people and their pets on a personal level and getting to see and experience the amazing and unique animal-human bonds that develop in different and special ways within families with pets," she said.