Electric Guitar World Record Set In Sydney

High voltage rock 'n' roll.

More than 450 people have belted out Highway to Hell in Sydney to break the world record for the most people playing the same song at the same time on electric guitars.

The record was set on Sunday afternoon in Chatswood when 457 people played the AC/DC classic as part of the Sydney Guitar Festival.

The guitars were plugged into mini-Marshall battery-powered amplifiers the size of small tissue boxes.

Guitar record
Sydneysiders have broken the previous record set in India in 2013. Source: Getty Images

"They were tiny amps but they got the sound happening," festival spokeswoman Tatiana Marchant told AAP.

"It was such a great atmosphere. I've never been around so many men and guitars in all my life."

Participants received the micro amps when they paid the $45 registration fee with all of the money raised going to the Australian Children's Music Foundation.

Australian band The Choirboys was on stage leading the rendition of Highway to Hell.

The majority of the guitarists were men but Ms Marchant noted there were still plenty of women and children strumming too.

The Sydney Guitar Festival runs until August 19 and features artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Albert Lee, Pedro Javier Gonzalez, the Grigoryan Brothers and Kaki King.

guitar record
Source: Getty Images

The previous record for the largest electric guitar ensemble was 368 set in India in 2013.

Official Guinness verification of the new Sydney record could take up to six weeks.