Luxembourg Wins Grueling 12-Hour Lawn Mower Race

The winners were a cut above the rest.

A 12-hour lawn mower race just took place in the UK, and yes you read that correctly.

This year the gruelling half-day competition saw 43 teams compete against each other using modified grass cutters at the village of Five Oaks, West Sussex in southern England.

Luxembourg's "Les' Lux Pussies" came out on top after completing 430 laps to become the first international team to win the annual charity race.

According to the competition organisers -- the British Lawn Mower Racing Association -- the teams of three drivers compete through the night and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

A team of support engineers were also on hand and helped with refuelling and fixing technical problems, with scores of breakdowns ensuing through the night.

"This is a true test of human endurance and mechanical reliability," the BLMRA website said.

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Source: Reuters

The winning trio Bob Koedinger, Christian Kaiser and Jeff Wilmes also achieved the fastest lap of the race at 1:30:14.

"It's wonderful," Koedinger told Reuters.

"We were here to have many fun and now we have win and we have the fastest lap. It's wonderful. It's perfect."

The muddy annual race was first envisioned at a meeting in a pub in 1973 when motor sports fans wanted a sport that would be competitive, fun and cheap.

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