This Dog Dressed Up As Madonna Will Make Your Day

Pupper Don't Preach.

Owners dressing their pets up in human clothes is nothing new.

In fact, it's either super cute:

Or super weird:

A carrot? Really? Image: bluiz60 / Shutterstock

But the one doggo, who truly will go down in history as the having the greatest celebrity style game, is Max.

Or should we say... Maxdonna.

Max's human is Vincent Flouret, an artist and fashion photographer and the greatest facilitator of pet dress ups EVER -- mainly due to the fact that there's a theme to Max's outfits -- he recreates Madonna's looks perfectly.

There's everything from Madge's high-fashion photo shoots:

1990 Harper's Bazaar shoot wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier corset
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Jean-Baptiste Mondino

To some of her most iconic album covers:

'Like A Virgin' (1984)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Warner Bros. Records
'True Blue' (1986)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Warner Bros. Records
'Ray of Light' (1998)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Warner Bros. Records

Max even does music video recreations:

'Material Girl' (1985)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Youtube
'Vogue' (1990)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Youtube
'Hung Up' (2005)
Instagram: @max_et_vincent / Youtube

Needless to say, Max is one seriously photogenic doggo and these recreations are amazing.

Check out the rest of Vincent and Max's work on their Instagram.