Hundreds Of Golden Good Boys Gather In The Scottish Highlands

One of our much-loved companions has been celebrated on the very grounds where the breed was born.

During what is easily in the running for party of the year, hundreds of Golden Retrievers have come together in Scotland to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of their breed.

The celebration took place at the historic Guisachan Estate, where the first Golden Retriever was bred in 1868 by Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, also known as Lord Tweedmouth.

In need of a dog that was capable of swimming long distances to retrieve wildfowl that had been shot, Lord Tweedmouth crossed a wavy-coated retriever called Nous with a Tweed water spaniel named Belle.

The resulting litter of puppies was the first of a breed which -- 150 years later -- remains one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds across the world.

The anniversary celebration was organised by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland and saw a turn out of 361 good boys and girls, including pups from as far as Australia and Canada.

Featured image: golden_chewbacca Instagram