The Lowdown On The 'Naughty Penguin Of The Month' Image That's Gone Viral

The aquarium updates the naughty and nice list ALL THE TIME.

You might have seen this image somewhere around the internet, or on your recent travels.

It's from New Zealand's National Aquarium, and it has delighted people for a while. The idea of a public shame list for penguins -- and the mental image of Timmy the penguin shoving another one aside in the quest to steal fish -- provides countless belly laughs.

And then there's Betty, the penguin who waits politely and patiently for her food. She's a nice one.

Some have even thought it was a joke or an image photo-shopped -- but it's not.

A Twitter user looked into the story behind the image, and couldn't believe what he found.

The aquarium actually updates the naughty and nice list ALL THE TIME, and posts the results on Facebook for the world to see.

The rules around the list seem to be a bit fast and loose (similar, indeed, to a penguin), because while Timmy made the naughty list for stealing fish, while Burny made the nice list this month for the exact same action.

Looking deeper into the archives of the name and shame board, we find that a variety of activities get you on the naughty list, with the fortunes of Mo, Flip and Burny varying each month.

Mo, in particular, seems to be a bit of a menace.

Stealing fish seems to be the main crime committed by our penguin friends, while we must congratulate Flip because that bird "knows how to penguin".

If there was a Penguin Olympics,  Mr Mac would walk away with the most Gold medals.  Burny, however is likely to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Head to the National Aquarium of New Zealand page on Facebook for more.