Thai Cave Rescue: The Cute Cartoon Thanking Rescuers

Elephants, seals, frogs and kangaroos in "the journey of the boar... cooperation of humanity"

The eyes of the world are on Thailand, and the enthralling mission to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach.

The incredible international effort to save the team, and the accompanying frenzy of media attention, has been marked in a remarkable cartoon from a Thai artist celebrating "the journey of the wild boar".

The cartoon image above has been circulating on social media, racking up tens of thousands of likes and shares. It shows a representation of the narrow, winding Tham Luang cave, filled by animals to signify all the elements of the international rescue effort, which has included world-class divers and medical staff, army and police personnel, and volunteers.

The image went viral on Monday, after news the first lot of four boys had been safely rescued. Four more have since been brought to the surface.

The image, posted on a page titled Sisidea, is titled "the journey of the boar... cooperation of humanity", named for the Wild Boars soccer team.

"Let everyone safely into the bosom of the family," a translation of the post -- originally written in Thai -- reads.

The various animals are explained by the artist. The little brown boars are clear enough; the large white elephant represents the local governor and the Chiang Rai province; the frogs are for the divers, the white seals for the Navy Seal crews.

Foreign countries who have contributed expertise and manpower are featured heavily, with the lion for crew from England, the crane for Japan, the panda for China, the moose for Sweden, the tiger for Myanmar, the brown elephant for Laos, and the little brown kangaroo on the bottom right is for the Australian helpers.

The dragon is to represent the teams pumping millions upon millions of litres of water from the cave to lower flood levels. Even tech billionaire Elon Musk, who pledged workers to the effort and has been testing a mini submarine to help, has been depicted as the Iron Man mask.

The world's media has been represented as birds.

"A cute cartoon artist has a meaning to reflect on "take the boar home" this time that is a very interesting world-class operation," said the Thai Navy Seal page on Facebook, which has been a leading source of information about the rescue efforts.

Main image via Sisidea.