Watch The Life-Giving Moment This Dog Performs CPR On A Cop

CPR obviously stands for Cute Pupper Rescue.

We know and love them as man's best friend, but your doggo might even be able to save your life.

Throughout history, there's been no shortage of dogs saving human lives. Lassie was always there to the rescue and, earlier this year, best boy Max, a deaf and partially-blind blue heeler, stayed with his 3-year-old human overnight in freezing bushland to keep her safe and warm.

Now, a new hero has risen -- meet Poncho.

In a video shared by the Municipal Police of Madrid on Twitter that has gone viral, Poncho is seen 'performing CPR' on his partnered officer after he dramatically falls to the ground for a training exercise.

Poncho making sure he's jumping high enough to get those compressions done. Image: Policía de Madrid

As soon as the officer is on his back, Poncho comes bounding over, wearing a blue police light on his back and begins bouncing up and down, pressing his paws onto the officer's chest and then putting his ear to the officer's mouth to check for breathing.

Can Poncho hear my heart exploding over just how cute this is? Probably. Image: Policía de Madrid

Once he realises that his patient is still alive, Poncho gets back to jumping up and down on the officer's chest, performing 'compressions' and then once again, drops down to check for breathing.

Once I tripped and fell in my room and my dog came and sat on my head. So there's that. Image: Policía de Madrid

After a few seconds, the officer sits up and there are plenty of pats and treats for the heroic pupper.


Honestly, what did we do to deserve dogs?