This Meme About Thanking Bus Drivers Is So Pure


They're the integral cogs in your daily life who often go under-appreciated, but a new meme sweeping the nation is about recognising your bus driver with two simple words:


Aussie comedy site Brown Cardigan has been sharing dozens of memes this week, centred on the single topic of thanking your bus driver when you depart the vehicle. It might sound simple, even stupid, but a series of video posts has clocked up nearly 1.2 million views and many tens of thousands of likes on Instagram alone in the last three days, and thousands more across Facebook and Twitter.

Brown Cardigan posts memes both created by its founder, and also those submitted by fans. Brown Cardigan's founder told ten daily he had received more than 600 bus driver meme submissions in just a few days, claiming it "sot of spiralled out of control."

"It's definitely something that is super relatable... this one was special because it really did unify everyone. Everyone was really proud to own it, because every one contributed

The joke kicked off last month, when Australian musician Roy Molloy -- a former light rail worker -- started posting a series on Twitter about showing your appreciation to drivers.

"I worked on the light rail in Sydney for years, so I know that gettin' people to and from work on time's a big responsibility. I also know the remuneration ain't always great and that it can be pretty rough out there. Gettin' a heartfelt "thanks mate" from a member of the public can really brighten your day," Molloy told ten daily.

"I couldn't say for sure why folks are gettin behind it like they are, but i'm really glad. There's a pretty discourteous vibe in the world right now, an the thought that people might be inspired to show respect to bus drivers an even other people in their lives really puts a smile on my face."

The bus driver meme has been adapted to numerous popular meme formats from recent times, including:

As well as being adapted to some amazing new situations, such as a scene from the movie 'Speed':

Even actor Russell Crowe got in on this very pure meme:

"I think the meme's expressing something people already had in their hearts. In their DNA. But that they'd forgotten until now due to all the shitfight the world's come to," Molloy said.

Cheers mate.