Jurassic Puppies Are Australia's Next Big Predator

They'll prey on your heart, that's for sure.

They're the largest terrestrial predator in Australia.

They're formidable, they're impressive and they are undeniably adorable.

On the prowl, roaring and marking their territory, the four Jurassic Puppies are a force to be reckoned with -- or at least Chris Pratt thinks so.

The four dingo pups call the Australian Reptile Park in NSW home and they sure look like they are enjoying getting settled -- they've even got Jurassic Park themed toys to play with.

Chris, you better watch out. Image: Australian Reptile Park.

While video with the pups is incredibly cute, there is a more serious meaning behind it.

Dingos are an endangered species and their population is reducing due to loss of habitat, largely at the hands of humans. By raising awareness of the Dingo's diminishing numbers, the Reptile Park aims to encourage people to recognise the importance of our native animals.

Dingos are considered Australia's wild dog and it's easy to see why -- these four little puppies certainly are outlandishly cute.

Featured Image: Australian Reptile Park