Incredible Footage Of Police Pulling Man From Burning Car

Dashcam footage captured the rescue.

Queensland Police have pulled an elderly man from his overturned car as it burst into flames, in a dramatic rescue captured on dashcam video.

Officers in Gympie, northwest of Noosa, were called to a single-car accident around 7am on Wednesday. They arrived to find a white car on its side, pouring smoke, and the driver trapped inside.

Dashcam video footage captured by another car at the scene showed one officer trying to smash the windscreen of the overturned car with a weapon, and another attempting to kick the glass, as concerned onlookers watch on.

Just as flames start to shoot from the overturned car, the officers manage to break the windscreen enough to grab the driver. With the help of two other witnesses, the driver is pulled from the burning car to safety.

"Upon arriving at the scene, the senior constable and constable managed to smash through the windscreen and retrieve him from the vehicle before it quickly became engulfed in flames," a police statement said.

The driver, said to be a 73-year-old man, was taken to the local hospital with minor head injuries. The car fire was extinguished by fire crews a short time later.