Loose Goose Crashes Major League Baseball Game In Detroit

Have a gander at this.

Players were quite literally sent on a wild goose chase during a major league baseball game between the Tigers and Angels at Comerica Park in Detroit during a sixth inning rain delay on Thursday.

As players grew restless during the rain break, a goose decided to take it upon himself to entertain spectators as he strutted along the infield before grounds crew tried to shoo the uninvited guest.

Trying to make a break from his captors, he attempted to take flight before crashing into the scoreboard and into the seats below, just narrowly missing worried onlookers.

Luck for our feathered friend, Detroit veterinarian Dr. Catherine Roach happened to be sitting nearby and made sure the goose left the stadium in a safe and healthy state after meeting fowl play.

As a reward for her bravery, Dr. Catherine Roach then got to throw the first pitch prior to Detroit's 6-2 win over the Angels, which of course, everyone credited to the goose, with the hashtag #RallyGoose soon trending.

What a quack up.