#CatDad Is Your New Favourite Hero

Not all heroes get their own movie. Some just have Twitter.

Adopting a pet isn't something people tend to do on a whim.

It's always important to know that you're ready, that the pet suits the place you live in and that you're really sure of the commitment to a fur baby, but one Londoner didn't quite get the time to consider all of those things when he found a cat under his bed who had just given birth.

Paris Zarcilla made the discovery when he was looking for a jumper under his bed, instead, finding the new mum and her four kittens getting cosy in his jumper.

The ensuing story is AMAZING and we are so blessed to have witnessed his journey from regular dude, to #CatDad and it is a rollercoaster.

First, there's the inevitable shock of finding some truly tiny creatures living in your jumper drawer.

Then he starts bargaining.

FEELS INCOMING. Now we have acceptance - "Am I a dad now?"

Yes Paris, yes you are.

He then goes on to embrace his new role, curling up in bed with his new children and making sure that they're cosy.

Then comes the most important stage of becoming a fully-fledged #CatDad... the pictures for all of us reading on the internet to enjoy!

We're dying too!!! Look how TINY THEY ARE.

Now it looks like it's time to say goodbye to that bachelor life because you're a dad now Paris. 

Now there are those feelings of pure joy that your parents tell you that you won't feel until you have kids of your own.

He had some questions about making sure that the kittens are safe: "Is it unhealthy to get tears on kittens? Is it unhealthy to cry about kittens? Asking for me."

Paris knows that parenthood is serious business and quite frankly, we applaud him for it. Because as he puts it, "he's the hero the kittens deserve, but not the one they need right now".

If you haven't squealed from seeing the absolute cuteness yet, this will break you... Paris posted a video of the kittens sleeping against mum's tummy!!!

He hasn't named the babies yet, because as he puts it "naming them makes it a full on commit."

I think we can all agree that Paris definitely stepped up to the plate and has made a great #CatDad.

Read the full thread here and join us in screaming: "WHY DON'T THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO US!?"