Eight-Year-Old Boy's Touching Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

A simple gesture by a young boy in the U.S. state of Georgia is a beautiful reminder of the power of kindness.

What you need to know
  • Eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr sprung into to action to help an elderly woman
  • The touching scene was filmed by a passerby
  • The video has been shared nearly 10,000 times

A young boy's act of kindness has melted hearts across the world, after video of his good deed went viral.

The heartwarming moment unfolded in Milledgeville, Georgia earlier this week, when eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr saw an elderly woman with a walker struggling to climb some steps.

He didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand.

The young boy rushed to her side and gently guided her up the steps, keeping a hand on her back and helping lift her walker as she gingerly climbed to the top.

The grateful woman give Maurice a big hug to thank him, and the boy bounded down the steps with a big grin before climbing into his mum's car.

Unbeknownst to either damsel or prince, the touching scene was filmed by passerby Riley Duncan, who posted the video to a local community group's Facebook page.

"Thank God for our youth," he wrote.

The video has since gone viral, having been shared nearly 10,000 times.

Later, Duncan caught up with Maurice's mother Contrica Hill over Facebook, and told U.S. media the pair made plans to meet up this week, so he can thank the boy and reward him.

He said he plans to give Maurice $100 for his act of kindness.

The original Facebook post has been flooded with comments praising Maurice and his actions, with community members calling the boy a "sweet", "generous", and "precious" young "gentleman".

Commenter Ashley James reminded Maurice to always stay kind.

"Young man, you are a treasure," she wrote.

"Always keep your kindness and never let other people take that away from you. 5 gold stars for your kindness and 5 gold stars for the parents whom are doing a superb job raising this child into a decent caring person."