Police Rescue Guide-Dog In Training Who Got In A Spot Of Trouble

The Paddington puppy was trapped for about 30 minutes.

What you need to know
  • NSW Police came to the rescue of a puppy who was trapped between two houses in Sydney's inner-city
  • Officers cut through a wall in the home to rescue the pooch
  • Baxter, a guide-dog in training, was not hurt in the incident

New South Wales police have come to the rescue of a Labrador puppy found stuck between two homes in Paddington in Sydney's inner-city on Friday.

Curious canine. Police were called in to rescue man's best friend. Source: NSW Police

Baxter, a guide dog in training, proved a little too curious for his own good after becoming wedged between two terrace houses.

Wrong way. Baxter, the guide dog in training got himself stuck between two terraces. Source: NSW Police

Police who were called to assess the scene eventually called Police Rescue to help retrieve the cheeky canine, who was trapped for about 30 minutes.

Officers were forced to cut through a wall in the home before retrieving the puppy, who was not hurt.

Police rescue managed to retrieve Baxter uninjured. Source: NSW Police

New South Wales police say Baxter was "pawsitively delighted" to be freed and showed his appreciation for his rescuers with some puppy love.

Man's best friend. This puppy was pawsitevely delighted to see his rescuers. Source: NSW Police