How An 11-Year-Old Girl Turned Her Love For Helping Others Into A Booming Bike Charity

Last year's NSW Young Volunteer of the Year is inspiring us all.

What you need to know
  • 11-year-old Tia Brennan spends her time fixing bikes to help disadvantaged kids
  • She shares her inspiring story as National Volunteers Week kicks off
  • Nominations are now open for Volunteer of the Year 2018

This week is National Volunteers Week, when we celebrate the service of the people who ask for nothing in return.

We also get to be inspired by them, and few are more impressive than 11-year-old Tia Brennan.

She isn’t like most children her age.

Instead of spending her spare time riding bikes, she finds second-hand bikes and restores them for underprivileged kids.

Since she started the project more than two years ago, Tia has restored almost 400 bikes. She donates them to shelters for women and children, children who are impacted by cancer in their family, and to others in need through her local PCYC.

Now Tia is hoping someone can help her, by donating a storage space where she can continue to grow her charity.

Tia was the 2017 NSW Young Volunteer of the Year.

Nominations have now opened for 2018. You can learn more about Tia’s charity on her Facebook page: Tell Tia for Charity.