Rare Baby Rhino Makes Its Debut At Chester Zoo

A name for the little babe hasn't been announced yet.

What you need to know
  • A *super cute* rare greater one-horned rhino has made its first public appearance at a UK zoo
  • It is hella cute
  • No, seriously, watch the video. You're welcome.

A rare greater one-horned -- and *super cute* -- rhino has made its first public appearance at a UK zoo.

Mum Asha gave birth two weeks ago to the youngster in just 20 minutes after a 16-month pregnancy.

The adorable little rhino trotted along behind mum as it explored the world at Chester zoo, near Liverpool. With its eyes open and a skip in its step, the baby rhino galloped around which certainly kept mum busy.

WHAT A CUTIE! Image: Getty Images.

Greater one-horned rhinos, or Indian rhinos, usually weigh between 58 and 70 kilograms at birth and grow to weigh 1800 -2700 kilos at maturity. As an infant, they drink 20-30 litres of milk daily, meaning they grow by 1-2 kilos a day.

The rhinos are a vulnerable species, as they were once hunted for sport or killed as pests. Due to breeding programs, the rhinos have been bought back from the brink of extinction and now, there are around 3500 in India and Nepal where they are native.

A name hasn't been released for the little babe. Its the second ever Greater One-Horned Rhino to be born at the zoo.