Whipper The Goat's Nighttime Adventure Ends In Fireman Rescue

A daring goat has given his neighbours a scare, after he managed to climb onto the roof of their western Sydney house on Tuesday evening.

What you need to know
  • Whipper the goat's nighttime adventure on to his neighbour's roof ends with a call to emergency services.
  • Local Fire and Rescue were joined by Police to rescue Whipper.
  • His relieved owner was very grateful to have him back on land.

An adventurous goat in search of an evening snack has sparked a bizarre rescue, after he managed to get stuck on his neighbour's roof in Sydney's west last night.

Homeowner Joy Camilleri rang firies when she discovered Whipper, her neighbour's beloved pet goat, stuck on top of her house in Smithfield.

Emergency services arrived at  7.30pm, and weren't kidding around when they launched a rescue mission.

Whipper seemed unperturbed by the unfolding events, happily munching away on tree leaves while firefighters climbed onto the roof using a ladder.

It took just 15 minutes for the escapading animal to be captured and taken from the roof, cradled in the arms of a fireman who slowly descended the ladder's steps.

Whipper reunited with his very relieved owner.

He was soon returned to his grateful owner, Patrick, who had some choice words for his pet.

“You’re a pain in my arse,” he told the goat.

A spokesperson for Smithfield Fire Station, John, said the “well-cared for” Whipper had escaped from his home, but exactly how he ended up on the roof is a mystery.

"We didn't quite believe it," he said, admitting it was a strange call-out.

But Camilerri, whose roof Whipper invaded, may have some insight – she told Ten Eyewitness News the goat often finds himself in high places after jumping from his shed onto her aviary.

"He jumped over the back fence and on to the aviary, and he was bleating at us, but he does this quite often," she said.

He's a show-pony this goat, he loves people," she said.

But Camilerri said she doesn't mind Whipper's company, and often talks to Whipper while tending to her birds.